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Fuel Controls and Subassemblies
Repair and Calibration

Wood Group Pratt & Whitney LLC is a comprehensive service provider of fuel control repairs,

modifications, and upgrades to Pratt & Whitney equipment. Maintaining an extensive inventory

of parts and replacement units for the Hamilton Standard SPC2A, 2B, 2D, 2E, and H Fuel

Controls and Subassemblies, including Speed Relay Assemblies and Vibration Monitors.


The electronic lab, coupled with an experienced staff, provides complete and cost-effective

repair to OEM standards and troubleshooting assistance; on-site, in-house, teams or by


Wood Group Pratt & Whitney also provides module exchange services.


  • Calibration, test, and adjustment (static and dynamic)

  • Repairs, upgrades, and engineering changes for all electronic cards

  • Card exchange program

  • Repair / Calibration of Stationary power controllers

  • Speed relays

  • Sequencer and timers

  • Vibration monitors

  • Base plate hardware

  • Controls Systems Evaluations

On-Site Services

  • Electrical Audits to include baseplate devices

  • Sequencer calibration, test and adjustment of speed relays, load share, over-speed settings,
           timers and relays

  • Training for user personnel

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